Sports Medicine Cortez, CO

Sports Medicine

“Sports injury” and Sports Medicine are all-encompassing terms for injuries that occur during athletic activity. You don’t have to be a professional or even a competitive athlete to develop a sports injury. Lifting heavy weights, running on ill-fitting shoes for too long, swinging a racket or golf club for years on end, or rolling your ankle on a soccer field can all lead to injury. The key to proper recovery is receiving appropriate treatment as soon as possible. The type and duration of your treatment will vary with how severe the injury is, your current health, and whether surgical intervention is required.

At Johnson Physical Therapy and Rehab we have a team of physical therapists trained specifically in the area of sports medicine. Our physical therapists have the knowledge and expertise to help the athlete return to their sport, prevent further injuries and improve performance. All of our therapists are up to date on current advancement in sports medicine rehabilitation. We work closely with referring providers and communicate with the surgeons regarding physical therapy protocols if surgery was performed. We have state of the art equipment in the clinic as well that can assist the athlete in returning to full function. Most often our sports medicine patients are treated with a full evaluation followed by treatments that include exercise, hands-on manual therapy techniques, modalities including electric stimulation or ultrasound, dry needling, splinting or taping if needed and patient education including a thorough home exercise program.

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